Hello my name is Melissa!  Welcome to my blog, roughly vegan!

Why “roughly” vegan?  Because I am just trying to figure it out, one vegan meal at a time.  Since roughly is defined as without being exact it felt fitting to name my blog Roughly Vegan.  I love cooking.  Let me elaborate. I love watching The Food Network and learning something new each and every time I do.  Cooking is something I enjoy and only just started when I first got married in 2009.  Things have definitely changed from our early newlywed days.  I no longer present my husband with a bowl of baked beans and call that dinner.  Sadly a true story that my husband, Mike, still brings up.  

It is no longer just the two of us either.  We have two beautiful kids that are polar opposites.  Peyton is our 12 year old picky tween.   She likes nothing I make.  So that’s fun.  She is, however, willing to try new things at her friend’s house. *insert eye roll* Then there is Michael who is 4 years old.  He has eczema and severe life threatening food allergies that make mealtimes difficult to say the least.  

Even with everyone’s different palates Mike and I decided to start a vegan lifestyle.  We have two totally different reasons for starting this journey too.  I started for a mental health reboot as well as environmental and animal welfare reasons.  Mike started for health and health alone.  Nonetheless I am so grateful he is on this journey with me.  

I started Roughly Vegan as a way for me to document this fun and new journey while also showing everyone that a vegan lifestyle is obtainable. I enjoy posting recipes I’ve tried, grocery list ideas and ticks I’m learning along the way.  Tricks like snacks to toss in your purse,  ways to eat vegan while on the go and lots of beginner vegan recipes.      

I’m not a perfect vegan,  I am rough for sure.  I welcome you to come along as I navigate this new meatless life.  During the journey we will talk about food allergies, eczema help, funny mom stories, as well as my undeniable determination to make my tween love my cooking.  

Buckle up and let’s get to cooking! 

Stay well. -Mel

I’m also a freelance writer for hire. Please visit my freelance portfolio page here: Freelance Writing

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