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  • Easy Vegan Dessert Recipes For Beginners

    Easy Vegan Dessert Recipes For Beginners

    Nothing caps off a great day better than a  great dessert!  Why not make it even better by whipping up an easy vegan dessert!  I’ve put together a list of some easy vegan dessert recipes for beginners. Some of my favorite dessert recipes are already vegan and gluten free.  I do have one recipe listed […]

  • Vegan Halloween Snacks For Kids

    Vegan Halloween Snacks For Kids

    Fall is coming and it’s coming quickly! That means parents will need to start prepping their houses and candy bowls for little hands to dig through.  As an allergy mom any holiday centered around candy is extremely stressful.  My son started Pre-K this year, which means I’m doubly worried about snack time and any candy […]

  • Easy Vegan Kids Snacks

    Easy Vegan Kids Snacks

    The fall season comes with many wonderful things from leaves falling, PSL back at Starbucks and of course fall sports!  This is anything from soccer, football, cheerleading, cross country and volleyball. And with sports comes snacks, more importantly snacks on the go.  You’ve gotta love anything that can be popped into a sports bag, purse […]

  • Gluten Free Vegan Mini Muffins

    Gluten Free Vegan Mini Muffins

    Mini versions of anything are adorable. Mini muffins? Deliciously adorable! Double whammy 🙂 I have four mini muffins, kid approved, fun recipes! These recipes are gluten free and vegan and did I mention mini?! Making it completely okay to eat 3-4 without guilt. This is a judge free zone. These gluten free vegan mini muffins […]

  • Vegan Grocery List For Beginners

    Vegan Grocery List For Beginners

    With grocery prices on the rise it can be tricky to stay on budget. For a grocery list and more specifically a vegan grocery list for beginners staple items are key. I have made a list of a few staple items that our family buys from Walmart. Although I do check weekly ads and will […]

  • Best Easy Vegan Snacks

    Best Easy Vegan Snacks

    As a beginner vegan I was worried about what I would snack on during the day. I needed the best vegan snacks for a quick bite between loads of laundry and to stuff into my purse on the way to a football game. I’ve made a list of some of the best and easiest vegan […]

  • Vegan Snacks You Can Buy At The Grocery Store

    Vegan Snacks You Can Buy At The Grocery Store

    Becoming vegan can be exciting and life changing. It’s a wonderful lifestyle for so many reasons. Then questions start arising. What can I eat? This act becomes reminiscent of the scene in Mean Girls when Regina George is asking if butter is a carb. As a family plagued with food allergies we are always reading […]

  • Best Way To Start Being Vegan

    Best Way To Start Being Vegan

    Everyone has their own reasons for becoming vegan. Animal rights? Perhaps. Health and longevity? Maybe. Whatever your reason is, that reason is right for you. Veganism for me started in May of 2022. I found myself becoming sad and circling the drain of depression when I started my journey. I hope this article gives you […]

  • Healthy Vegan Sides

    Healthy Vegan Sides

    Here are some healthy vegan sides to amp up any main dish by taking a not so subtle back seat. Vegan side dishes can be delicious and fun. I have also noticed that a lot of side dishes can be converted to vegan by swapping some ingredients.  Side dishes are incredibly adaptable. I mean look […]

  • Vegan Energy Balls

    Vegan Energy Balls

    Convenience is the name of the game. With any lifestyle, including veganism, having quick easy snacks on hand is key. Vegan energy balls check all the boxes. Nutritious, delicious, and easy all in one bite size snack. Vegan energy bits or balls are good for breakfast, snacks, post work out, or on the go. Kids […]

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