One Vegan Meal Two Ways

When there is a single meal that can be transformed and made into dinner for the next night, I’m in.  Hands down one of my favorite things is an efficient dinner that makes two meals.  Not because it means I do minimal cooking on the second dinner, who am I kidding that’s exactly why. 🙂   Here is a recipe for Portobello mushrooms fajitas one night and burrito bowls the next. Let’s make one vegan meal two ways.

Just a friendly heads up, there is a lot of chopping.  Another reason it’s a good thing that this meal stretches to two.  If I’m putting all that work into the main meal, I need to kick my heels up for the second night.  Chop one night then smooth sailing the next.  

I will admit I made a mistake buying corn tortillas.  I was trying to replace the gluten free mission tortilla wraps.  They are getting harder to find.  I purchased the gluten free grain free mission tortillas last week and I would not recommend them.  I just thought the corn tortillas would be good with fajitas.  My husband liked them and ate them for both dinner and lunch the next day.  I had to switch my fajitas mid way through.  Which leaves me with 20 plus corn tortillas in my pantry.  Luckily I have found a way to repurpose them, and I’ll tell you after these great recipes.

fajitas vegan

Vegan Mushroom Fajitas

  • 6 Portobello Mushrooms – stem off and gills removed – sliced 
  • 3 Green Peppers – Sliced – or any color peppers you may like including a variety, one of each perhaps? 
  • 3 White Onions – Sliced * These were medium to small sized.  Two large would work too
  • 4 Tbsp Vegan butter
  • Rice of your choice * We chose Zatarain Yellow Rice Family Size for leftovers.  

Fajita Seasoning

  • 2 Tbsp Chili powder
  • 1 tsp Black pepper
  • 2 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Paprika
  • ½ tsp Onion powder
  • ½ tsp Garlic powder
  • ½ tsp Cumin

In a small bowl mix fajita seasoning ingredients together.  Set aside.

Cook rice according to directions. 

Add two Tbsp of butter in two saute pans (if you need to use two, do to the quantity) Slice vegetables and saute in two medium saute pans.  I added mushrooms and half the onions in one pan and green peppers and the rest of onions in the other.  Split the fajita seasoning in two and season both sets of vegetables.  Cook until vegetables are soft.  Fill your favorite tortillas with these gorgeous fajitas.  Don’t forget the yellow rice on the side or in your fajitas and enjoy! 

These are great for the next day’s lunch as well.  Don’t assemble until you are ready to eat them as the vegetables will make your tortillas soggy.  

Next Day…

vegan burrito bowl

Vegan Burrito Bowls – Next day / Leftover recipe

  • Leftover yellow rice
  • Vegan cheese sauce * can omit but if you have some already made up I recommend: Vegan Cheese Sauce Recipe
  • Salsa of your choice
  • Peppers & onions from the night before 
  • Guacamole – homemade or store bought

Warm in stages to ensure every item warms through.  Warm the rice in the microwave until warmed through, I did about 2 minutes. Stir rice so there are no hot spots.  In a separate bowl warm peppers and onions (these can be warmed with the rice as well but I wanted to make sure they were plenty warm enough).  Add vegan cheese (warm in a separate bowl).  Top with salsa.  Add a dollop of guacamole.  Vegan sour cream would be good too.

So there’s your one vegan meal two ways 🙂

corn tortilla chips

What to do with a corn load of corn tortillas?  Make air fryer chips!  I’ve been trying to get out of my 2:00 pm habit of a salty crunchy snack.  Tortillas are my weakness.  As an admitted emotional eater these do the trick when I am stressed and need a good crunch!  I figured there wasn’t too much to lose if I popped them in my air fryer to see what would happen.  At 375 degrees for about 10 minutes I air fried 3 corn tortillas that I cut into cute triangles.  Three corn tortillas only add up to 150 calories!  They are tasty!  No salt added and in my opinion none needed.  I ate them with salsa and I’ve since had them with vegan cheese sauce.  

With these recipes hopefully your lives will be so much easier.  Aside from all the other things you have to take care of, at least you have two dinners handled. Enjoy this one vegan meal two ways!

Stay Well. -Mel

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